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Physicians prescribe Actos to those with Type 2 diabetes to regulate blood sugar levels. The manufacturer, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, made billions off of this drug. Unfortunately, using Actos for long periods of time is linked to serious health complications including bladder cancer. Those who have been affected with bladder cancer from taking this Actos, may be entitled to financial compensation. 

Did you develop Bladder Cancer after taking Actos? 

What is Actos?

ActosPioglitazone Hydrochloride (Actos) is a drug that treats Type 2 Diabetes and is FDA approved. In recent years it was found that taking Actos for a prolonged period of time can raise your chances of Bladder Cancer by 40%. In 2011 the FDA started warning the medical industry of the risk of Bladder Cancer from prolonged use of Actos. The results from a ten year study revealed that patients who had the longest exposure and highest dosage of the Actos medication were at the greatest risk. It’s crucial that Actos patients who’ve been diagnosed with bladder cancer file a claim with a legal representative. Tad will help you fight for the financial compensation you’re entitled to for damages, lost wages and excess medical expenses.

Reasons for the Actos Lawsuit

  • Failed to warn the public and health care providers that taking Actos for longer than 12 months may increase the risk of bladder cancer
  • Manufactured a defective product
  • Failed to properly test Actos
  • Concealed testing and research data from the public
  • Provided misleading data to the public
  • Manufactured an unsafe product
  • Knew the dangers of the product, but sold it anyway to maximize profits
  • Breached warranty by selling a drug that was not fit for use

About the Actos Lawsuit

After the link of prolonged use of Actos and Bladder Cancer arose the lawsuits began in 2011. Many patients suffered physically, emotionally and financially due to the negligence of the manufacturers Takeda and Eli Lilly. Terrence Allen went to court in April 2014 after he was diagnosed with bladder cancer in 2011. He had been taking Actos since 2006 to treat his Type 2 diabetes. A jury ultimately awarded Allen and his wife $1.5 million in damages. Allen’s settlement is a good sign for the thousands of Actos cases still awaiting trial, patients who have been impacted deserve compensation from the manufactures.

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