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hip replacement lawsuit

When a damaged hip joint is surgically replaced with an artificial implant it is known as a Hip Replacement. However, not all implants are safe. Some can cause serious complications, such as Metal-on-metal hip implants. Metal-on-Metal creates one serious complication: metal ions can rub off of the devices and enter a recipient’s bloodstream, causing metallosis (metal poisoning). If you’ve recently had complications from Hip Surgery, call Tad today!

Have you had Complications after a Hip Replacement? 

What is a Hip Replacement?

Hip-replacementHip replacements is the surgical repair of an aged or injured hip joint by adding an artificial joint, or implant. Reasons for a hip replacement could include a fracture or similar injury to the hip, arthritis, or a wearing down of the joint over time. The goal of a hip replacement is to reduce pain and increase mobility.

There are three basic components of an artificial hip: a stem that is inserted into the femur (thighbone); a ball that attaches to the top of the femur; and a cup that attaches to the pelvis. 

Modern implants are made from a combination of materials: plastics, ceramics and metals. Many of the most recent devices were metal-on-metal designs, created with the hope that hip replacements would last longer. Unfortunately, these metal-on-metal implants have caused some problems.

Faulty Hip Replacements

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About the Hip Replacement Lawsuit

Plaintiffs are claiming that companies such as DePuy, Stryker and Zimmer made defective products and failed to warn the public about the risks. They want compensation to help cover the high costs of ongoing medical care and any future surgeries that may be required, as well as pain and suffering. DePuy faces nearly 12,000 lawsuits filed by people who received the ASR hip implant, and another 3,000 from the Pinnacle hip. DePuy reportedly will pay $2.5 billion to settle 7,500 of the ASR claims. If you have had complication from a hip replacement call Tad today!


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